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Just a little correction former head of a CO not anymore right now. I’m sitting in my little bedroom in dagenham, not nice area but and I’m just doing SEO from my bedroom. And today I have a pleasure and honor to be in front of you for fifth time in Manchester and I wanted to share with you some tactics that you can take home and Implement tonight, or tomorrow or afternoon.

Into your business, interagency into the strategy of your clients you working with. So because I didn’t know that I have 20 minutes and I prepared 77 slides. So get ready. So the first tactic I’m using is a snapshot, snapshot is like one of my pillar when I’m doing an audit for a customer and what snapshot is in a nutshell, it is like, I’m trying to identify as much of the keywords that already are ranking.

And corresponding URLs and how can I push these things up? So, everyone knows search console. Some of you may know, also data studio, and I’m not using search console anymore natively. I’m always connecting search console to data Studio, why? Because Trey Pi, I have much much deeper view, much more data, and here is an example. I’m just connecting my little website, zelazny dot u, k through search console, and data Studio, then obviously, I need to give permission data studio is a

Search console if I’m all right. Absolutely. And I can start juggling with lots of lots of data. If you will go after this presentation or at night to search console, you will frequently. See that the maximum rows you can export from search console is 999 and very often. This is only a fraction of keywords that delivering traffic or Impressions. If you go through data Studio, you will see five, ten twenty

And Depends, you know, how many how powerful computer you have, then you can start processing that file and I’m just creating a simple data studio, just one table and I have all the queries landing pages corresponding with queries Impressions, clicks and click-through rate. So, the metrics we know from from normal classic search console and that’s all I need, because then, the snapshot table is ready, and then I’m doing something, which

Is tricky sort. I call this, what is tricky? Sort, tricky salt is that? I’m sorting twice this data. First time sorting by landing page and then immediately I’m sorting by either I’m Impressions or click or clicks, if there is very little traffic to the website is better to sort this by Impressions and use impressions are kind of guideline. If there is enough traffic, you can go with clicks and why I’m doing this because I want to group, I want to group

Keywords and corresponding URLs, and now I prepared. This lovely onion, give it took me three hours but it’s you can see how nicely it sorted in this Colony have Impressions and they will be always going down to zero. And when they will hit zero, new URL will appear there, and it’s going to 0 and then new URL, a newer, and newer, and then I’m doing something like I’m saying, okay, right now,

When I have this, I only want up to five keywords per URL or ten keywords. I’m not going with 300 keywords per one URL, and 200 yards per second URL because I will never be able to start optimizing One landing page for 300 keywords. I’m only using the creme de La Creme the five most performing in terms of Impressions or in terms of clicks and the Holy Grail of excel pivot tables. I love them with passion and you can see that when I’m thinking about

See, I’m not thinking about keywords, I’m thinking about landing pages in the first place and I have this pivot here and first of this is very interesting article. Find us your clients and I have some traffic from keywords like how to get SEO clients without cold calling, or how to find SEO clients. I rodent guide and this guy is ranking somewhere in Google. I’m getting some clicks and you can see that maybe clicks are not impressed that that crazy high. But there is a good beginning and I can see that the how to get as your clients with

Vote cold calling, despite from the fact is extremely long phrase. Lots of people is using and the click-through rate is 7.34. I can also see in this pivot that I have aggregation of that, that specific URL based on this specific. Five keywords is having 5200 Impressions, 51 clicks and average click-through rate is 1.59. And I can start prioritizing and I can say to myself, okay, every day, I will be optimizing 10 pages, Monday, 10:00

Tuesday 10:00 after a week I have 50 pages optimized after a month I have 40. And after a year God knows how many. And and you know like there is absolutely no chance that you will not get extra traffic. And here is another example, a snapshot method, a bit of inception, we just talking about this SEO, snapshot method, SEO snapshot, you can see I have nine clicks 363. When I was doing this this data, it was some time ago. So the website was relatively new

Only right now I would have a bit more and why I’m doing this and how I can implement this and what is the outcome I wanted to share with you. An example, I wanted to be fully transparent. There is a website which is called social media dot PL. I was born in Poland as you can hear in my accent but I’m trying, I’m trying my best and you know social media. Dot PL is a very very cool domain. I believe I haven’t told my wife for three months.

I bought this because it cost me a bit, but I implemented during that time this strategies and I was thinking, like, when I was show her charts, then she won’t kill me. So you know, we’re talking about Polish market and obviously I can use sem rush. We I can use search metrics, I can use other tools but local markets. Very often have local tools. One of the local tool that is for Polish market is called semi auto. It’s kind of like sem rush or search, metrics or systems, but only for Polish market. The expanding right now,

But they have like a relatively big database of keywords there and take a look. This is the blue line is number of keywords that been ranking in social media PL, and the orange line is my competitor and can see Heroes and acquisition. When I was trying, when I was thinking how I will tell my wife, then it’s content marketing. It was down. Good doing quite. All right. And then finally snapshot, and you will say like, yeah, but this is number of keywords that is ranking in top 10. Can you show us a traffic? No problem. I’m trying to be transparent.

This is organic traffic. You can see that right now. I have a monthly around 10,000, maybe not a crazy amount because this is just the block, but this is 10,000 visits. I may have a norm, I may not have. So I’m getting some leads from this and it working quite well. And you have see, you can also see the same kind of Arabia’s acquisition content marketing and snapshot. So as a conclusion use keywords that already run him quite well, this is strategy for not.

Not for a new website, it’s strategy for established website for website with a bit of History. Ideally if you have 12 months of the history you leveraging quality traffic because you looking High, Google shown me, what I’m ranking already and I will get this and try to push this by bulk up even if you will push hundred keywords by one position when they’ve been in top 10, obviously that the impact on traffic is tremendous and you playing Google game.

Detective to see what magical who is using a CM Rush. Raise your hand. Wow, great. So I love cured magic to, and before I will go into details, I wanted to go through this keywords by intent, probably all of you. So that pyramids and, you know, awareness in just consideration. Yeah, yeah. You know, for me, it’s like, you know what, this green part. This is where I am and this is probably

Later when there is a retention and advocate so I am not slicing this deep often and then I was watching. Simon sinek presentation, who know Simon? Sinek, raise your hand, great and Simonson. I have this presentation and he’s saying start with why Simon sinek Golden Circle? And this is when you thinking about establishing a company. So you not thinking about what, how the, why is the core, why are you creating this company?

Why you would like to have why you would like to sort a problem? It’s a bit of a philosophical question. Now, this is when you establishing a company, but if you trying to put yourself into the shoes of the customer, then the circle, it looks completely different. I would never call this look, as well as NE Golden Circle. But I call this SEO search volume Golden Circle. So that looks this way. And now why is here, what is here? And how is here, but the size of the

Represent a potential the number of surge the demand and also intentionally, knowing that how is The Sweet Spot of every strategy. Most of the strategies that I was implementing in recent years but again, I know that someone would be able to stand up right now and say objection. You have no data to prove and I was thinking how can I prove it? So start from how and I took two websites that in my opinion, have absolutely phenomenal.

Content marketing. First website is a hub spot and when I analyzed 1 million over 1 million keywords in this data set 149,000. So way over 10 person being keywords with what how? And this is not a coincidence. They targeting these keywords because his high click-through rate because there is demand, because when people are typing question with, how they, very likely will not get answered through,

Through the meta description is much more than that it. So they need to click and I was like, okay so I know one, another example, Shopify, another website, which have absolutely amazing content marketing. And surprisingly, they also rank in sem rush because I took this data from sem rush in around 1 million, keyword is and 90,000. So close to 10% is with how and then way way behind that. What and then finally

At the end is why it’s very rare that people are typing widen when they have a problem. So the customers rarely using why the entrepreneurs, when they established a business they need to start from why but customer frequently start from how and I’m billing you are and and I can check in Polish language. It’s also the how equivalent is that popular? So knowing that I can go to keyword magic tool and I can for example, type a keyword organizer.

Conference and I can start going into this, which is


I was thinking that this is a laser, this not so there is a question and all yeah you’re going into the question and you can see lots of questions. So I see em Rush. Intelligently is splitting keywords from non question in and questions.

And how to organize conference, 90 searches 71, keyword difficulty, not bad, going deeper London and you can also go with the keywords, which contain word London, and some words that indicates that this is a question. I was thinking, like, okay, we have surgery when we have keyword difficulty, is there any keyword that is extremely popular and nobody? Nobody cares about this keyword? No one wants to run. And I found, you know, what is this house?

Cook broccoli. So if you would like to start a website that will have quickly were a lot of traffic and you don’t want to spend any money and don’t put an effort build, a website about broccoli, I don’t know how you will monetize this, but that’s another story. And then, you know, I was thinking also like my my background is working in price, comparison. I was working in you switch and you know, if someone would come to me and say, like Lucas, you know what, I want to start price comparison.

Website. I would like in England in Britain. Yeah, from scratch. Are you crazy? I was like, no, no, do make your research. Okay, so I was like, all right, so let’s say this guy is going into credit cards, it’s super competitive, but we could go to keyword magic tool and say, like, okay, maybe I can find some keywords that have relatively High, search volume and relatively low, keyword difficulty. And here is like, can you get cash back with credit card, how to pay off credit card. So we wouldn’t go immediately into balance transfer.

Cards or credit cards or like best credit cards, no chance to rank their, there is used which compared the market money Supermarket. Go compare Monaco UK and how could like go and this is only the first results. Yeah. There is also second page fat and so on and so on. But if we would go with this questions, we would potentially have a tiny chance to succeed. Can you pay taxes with credit card? I don’t know. But you know we could write an article. So keyword magic to questions and start from how then finally.

Active, three, brand brand, mentions and links. And let me do one thing. My name is Lukas, as well as nail polish name. Checks are named living in Britain. What could go wrong? Jelinski Shalini is a lesson. I wish everyone was spelling my name wrong, even in Poland, they were spending this wrong. Yeah. So I was like, you know what? It’s time to do something with this and no one could learn that. It’s very simple. It’s like lukasz gregorie last name. This is the pronunciation. So, you know, like,

Simple. Yeah, and I was like enough in 2007. I had this idea. I will change my name and surname and I will be like very unique name and very common signing, and I wanted to go with Archibald Smith, but then I realized that actually Archie was alive in 19th century, and he still first with his Wikipedia page. So, not bad as yours for someone who is dead for 100 years, I can see some similarities here. But, you know,

So it’s like no and then I realized that oh my gosh is a blessing when you have a crazy name and Sonic. Then there probably is not other guys who have crazy name and surname and you can put at least your name inside them to Brand tracker. So let’s see what people are writing about you. And I went into some research and I went into what is available on the market talk Walker, brand24 fresh, web Explorer and Google are that never works but I couldn’t afford talk Walker, so yeah.

Where is the camera? I couldn’t afford talk Walker. I will send this later and brand24 is really affordable, and this is very, very powerful. And I was like, okay, let’s do some tests. So, as a keyword, I set up my name with with space without space, with some type of mistakes and so on, and so on, and what I could see that brand24 started, aggregating tweets Facebook messages that been Pub. That been published for for open public blocks near news. And so,

And so on and take a look, I had in one month with something like 50 to mention and the reach was 73,000 was like, oh my gosh, so that’s great. What think what can I do with this? So then I created another project which was for you switch. And then I started thinking what can I do for this with this? Because it’s not only like, oh, great 52 mentions. Wow, super cool cigarette. Now it’s not like that you need to do something. Yeah so I was like link building. I can do a link building so whenever I saw you

Sweet juice or look as well as. And I was approaching these people and saying, like, listen, thank you very much for mentioning me. That’s very kind. But you know, any chance that this this this brand could be a link to our website. Most of the people will be absolutely fine to do this. So this is one of the most effective link building organic link, building tactics amusing. And one day, I was like that because what I saw, it really shocked me. I saw this, I was like, what’s going on here? What is this language? And then I

That must be Russian I speak Russian but I don’t read Russian. You probably know why I’m more. I have a like neighbors who are Russians and more fluent on weekends when they sometimes inviting me for barbecue. So the there is like a product. There is like correlation between amount of alcohol you have and how fluent you are at the end of the night. I’m completely fluid. But anyway, you can see that this is in Russian and then here is look, as well as knee, and that was written in Latin alphabet. So brand24. Catch this

And here is actually the link but this link was pointing to LinkedIn and you know linked Linked In what a pan that you know like I was like you know LinkedIn probably have enough links. Maybe guys, you can you can report that link to my website. I mean, like no problem. So what they did, they took my article without asking me. Translated posted this put my photo and link to my link to know it’s like almost perfect. If you would link to my website I would be hundred percent happy and I’m like, no problem.

And then I was thinking like, okay, so I can start using this tactic also to buildings and that’s next. Next part of the presentation, very quickly, the links and social profiles, very often you have a companies, like, let’s say, like, like even like you switch, for example, compare the market money Supermarket, zoopla, right move. They have social profiles, Twitter Facebook, and very often somehow other website instead of linking to your website, they linking to

Your social profiles. So, this is my other baby, a CO dot London. Another domain I didn’t told my wife, I’m going to buy and then later, when I build a website, a toad, and then I had no links and I was like, hold on how my LinkedIn look like, and I went to my LinkedIn and I found that there is lots of links from other websites, pointing to this page again. Nice, but I will not be serving as a free link Builder to LinkedIn and I would rather like this links to point to my website. So my idea was to

Point backlinks from my LinkedIn profile to my SEO dong Chan website. And when I went to Majestic and I put a new era of my LinkedIn profile, I saw that. There is 20 domains and 141 links also. Oh my gosh, it’s like a, like a like a like a Klondike. I can like dig and dig and dig into that. And you know, sometimes I have like a night. I have a cup of coffee and I’m just sending emails to everybody and saying like, hey could you the point that link? Put your point that link so much fun and you know

Here is like referring domains. So so you can see that that’s a domains, which means pointing before to my to my LinkedIn, including for example, my own website. So I sent myself email and then I replied and, you know, you have here like like this one, the motors. This is a website on by Ali. Do Solas. I think she was also here once a speaker. And and I saw that, okay, he was a LinkedIn and I asked her if she could add

Right? So she added website, and she link to my website. Then another one is secure, anchor. Again, he was Liquid resin that was before. So I had this delusion UK approach them and say, like, listen, I have that now, new website. As you do London, maybe you can change this resin UK to be a CEO, Todd London. And then you see how the link started going up. This is very early stage, I had 11 domains. If you put a CO2 at London to Majestic right now, there is hundred domains and about 30,000 backlinks. So I was I just get addicted. And now I

My Facebook, I saw that there is also a couple of links that I can read point. And then finally, we went to my Twitter and I almost get the heart attack, hundred sixty, four, domains. Oh my gosh, I just locked myself in the room. I said, my wife don’t talk to me for next week. I will be the pointing domains 37,000, domains. Yeah. Again, like not every you will not get a hundred percent success ratio but you will get there and even if you will Point 20% or 30% that’s valuable. So again like and went

Another profile and so on and so on and why that as a summary how it works. Well you mostly know the social media profile owners. So it’s not like you are pushing completely people out of blue, you probably know because they were doing a webinar with you or they were doing webinar with your brand or they were somehow connected to your brand because of some reasons, it’s easy to switch because you just approaching and he just need to change a like a little piece of code, is not like you approaching someone you never heard about before and he’s like, hey, could you link to me?

Me and it’s kind of organic kind of. You can save a lot of time. Yeah. So please, please try this. Then the last one I think are almost the last one is a merge, very simple tactic. And again, like an anecdote merged emerge, subdomains into subfolders. So, I had a client who is, who is actually from, not far away from from Manchester and here, the situation that there was a, he came to me and there was a situation, I don’t know, did of the website that he have a

Talk on sub domain and I said, like, listen, we should move that block from sub domain into subfolder met and he was like, why? Because I was like, because your blog, I have so many backlinks at the moment. You have such an interesting articles, but Google somehow is treating this as a separate in two instances. So he was like and you think it will help? I was like yeah and this is not simply like you move couple of thousand visits from sub domain to your subfolder. There will be kind of a synergy.

And then he was like, you know what? No we will do something else. We will move everything into root folder, I was like, whoa! Okay. So he wanted to move all the Articles to the root folder. There will be no / block /. Nothing like that, everything is going to the root folder. So we did this, we move, and then we just couldn’t. He just had to turn off PPC, literally because he couldn’t process then that amount of leads. So you can see where we started and how it started boosting. And knowing that I was like, oh my

I have another client who have a forum and the Forum was on subdomain and I was like, very old job job job, offer portal, and we were doing everything. This website was so well optimized, and it still didn’t give him traffic. Hit a couple of years ago, and I was like, listen, we will move sub domain into sub folder. You have a foreigner and he’s like, yeah, but I’m not interested. I was like, listen, trust me and then take a look. He boosted immediately then it’ll fall down, but it never get back to where he was.

So, whenever you have a client who have affect you on sub-domain blog on, sub-domain news on sub-domain, anything on sub domain, with very little, number of exception, always move this into sub folder. Or if you are, if you want, go get completely like a mud. Even to the root folder, there is only one client. I decided to go all the way around. She had booking. She had a booking for kids, like, daily activities, and now website was on WordPress. And this booking

June was like, highly modified woocommerce when I have award highly modified and woocommerce in the one sentence, then I’m just freaking out and that was always crashing. So I was like, listen, let’s create a duplicate of the WordPress and that will be on the sub domain. That will be only booking engine. If that will crash, we will not get conversions, but your SEO not be affected. So we decided to split this, but most of the time 99% of the time, I’m moving everything into one domain. So the results. So I just wanted to get back to this customer

Or that moved that subfolder subdomain to subfolder and take a look, that’s him and his competitors and that’s him after migration. And I really want to see the competitors, who are like, wow, what what’s going on here? Why we are like, call me. So,

So thank you very, very much for being having me for a fifth time. My name is Lukas zelezny and let’s catch up on LinkedIn.

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